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To heat up the Zodiac's virgin is somewhat of an uphill struggle.  The innate suspicion through which Virgo views sex means it will take patience rather than passion, to light those sexual fires.  Even when Virgo 'gets going' in the sexual sense, you will be pretty hard pushed to recognise it.  Add to all of this the dislike of being touched, and you

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and Astrology

Your Arian lover is likely to keep you 'bedroom busy' for much of the time. This is an impulsive, demanding and very energetic type; the type who will ski down vertical mountains in the middle of the night, just to leave you some  choccies.  Both sexes of the sign like to take the lead in love and are very direct when it comes to what

they want; keep your Arian lover interested by playing hard to get 'cos if they get bored, they will be off (Dope an' all).  Egocentric and selfish lovers, you better keep up, for your Arian mate will not wait for you.  Expect fireworks in the Arian bedroom.  Impress your Arian lady with gold ear-rings or, if you have an eye for fashion - anything red.  for the Arian guy anything sporty can't go wrong.

Romance and passion are the natural realms of the Taurean lover.  This is the Zodiac type that loves to touch, to caress........and to possess! The Taurus lover will want to possess completely, heart and mind, body and soul!!

This is one sensual, passionate and very physical sign and fore-play, particularly long, erotic fore-play will be

relished by this lover of the luxurious and the decadent.  If you are looking for the frenetic, energetic, all-action, over in a blink type, then forget Taurus - you will need real stamina to match the hedonistic passions of your Taurean 'bull'.  If you want to impress Taurus, take them somewhere swanky to eat!!

The frenetic Geminian nature will probably spill over the bounds of a single relationship.  These Zodiac types are so friendly and 'chatty' that multiple relationships seem almost inevitable.  Geminians don't attach the same importance to sex as say perhaps Scorpio does, so having the occasional 'fling' is seen as just that; the average Gemini is unlikely to

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be able to even understand how hurt partners are by infidelity.  Gemini could easily be described as the Zodiacs 'butterfly' - tasting from many flowers, though seldom settling for long on any one.  Gemini loves to talk about sex, in the lead up to it - during it - and  especially after it, so you will have to be a pretty good conversationalist!!

Cancerians are the model of conventionality in the bedroom.  Ladies of this sign expect 'Tarzan', and the men of course, expect their 'Jane'.  None of your modern-day 'new woman' when it comes to sex - Cancerian women expect their men to perform and Cancer men expect much the same from themselves.  Cancerians aren't much into

the 'brief encounter' - being too sensitive and easily hurt.  Once they make their choice they are likely to stay with it for life.  This is arguably the moodiest sign of the Zodiac;  Cancerians are also over-sensitive and sulky, so if you want to keep those "home fires burining" in the bedroom, you had better learn the difficult art of tiptoeing around the maze of moods displayed the average 'crab'.

Leo is the sign of fire and passion and this is especialy true of Leo's bedroom where (in both sexes), they 'strut their stuff' and bestow their favours - and you had better appreciate them!! Leo will lavish affection and gifts on the object of their desire but (again in both sexes), they expect to be the boss!  Lovers of the spotlight in most things in most

things in their lives the Leo lover is very much the same when it comes to sex - they love to have the spotlight focused on themselves, so look out for a 'star' performance!!

get some idea of the task faced by the lover of the Zodiac virgin.  Thaw out the averge Virgo with your neat and tidy appearance and punctilious ways!!

The starry-eyed lover of the Zodiac, often in love with themselves as much as the partner - and Libra will ALWAYS have a current love - they simply cannot live without one!  charming and gentle - usually good looking - your Librian lover will literally charm your kit off!!  There is however, a downside (as with most things!!) - It won't happen quite as

The Zodiac's most passionate sign!!  Your bedroom will likely be the centre of your Scorpio lover's thoughts and intentions at every possible opportunity.  The average Scorpio actually exudes sex and passion;  in the bedroom this will translate into a sexual intensity that cannot be matched by any other Zodiac sign.  If you cannot satisfy

often as you might expect.  Libra loves the process much more than the natural end result - so expect plenty of kissing, caressing and cuddling - but the energy required for much else will not often be expended by the average languid Librian!

the Scorpio appetite for love - then this sign will simply 'top-up' where-ever and when-ever the opportunity presents itself - but woe betide any partner of a Scorpio who does the same!!

Love and sex, like most things in the Sagittarians life, will be approached rather casually.  It's not that the Sagittarius doesn't care, rather that they are so tolerant and broadminded that casual sex - whether with the partner or otherwise  - is not that big a deal.  The adventurous and impulsive sexual encounter appeals to this native, so don't

be shocked when your Sagittarian lover wants to sneak into a quiet corner at the party for a 'quickie'!!

The most conventional lover of the Zodiac.  If you approach sex with "missionary" zeal then Capricorn will suit you! Of all the Zodiac signs Capricorn is most likely to view sex as a duty more than anything else - and this duty will likely be discharged on the same nights - at the same time - in the same way................for ever!!

If faithfulness, loyalty, devotion and social-status are a turn-on then Capricorn is the woman for you!!

If you have a taste for the unconventional - then find yourself an Aquarian!  Their broadmindedness in sexual terms means there will be little the the average Aquarian won't be game to try - though their experimentation will not tie itself to any one person.  Even with this unconventional nature your Aquarian lover couldn't be described as hot - 

though with some of the more unusal examples - kinky - springs to mind!!

Pisces falls in love with simply everyone, though is pretty passive when it comes to sex!  Dreamy and romantic in the extreme, you will have to woo your Piscean love - creating a fantasy world of love and romance - to have even the slightest chance of sharing the piscean bed.  there will be consequences to a sexual  encounter with the average Pisces - who will cling

devotedly to the object of their affections, unwilling to accept some of the realities of casual sexual encounters.


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