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      Bud Wars

Your Cannabis Culture Magazine

From Issue 3 Stoner mag will be looking for "Bud Warriors" to compete in the "Bud Warrior Cup".


We are looking for pix of your best buds.  A winner will be chosen by Topcat for each of the next six issues and a prize awarded (in issue 3 it's a copy of Ed Rosenthal's Big Book of Buds 3).


The winners for each of the next 6 issues will then go forward to the finals of the "Bud Warriors Cup", where our readers will vote for what they think is the 'top bud'.  The winner will get £150.00 in cash and, more importantly, will win the "Bud Warriors Cup" - a unique piece of silverware especially designed for Stoner mag.


Suscribe to Stoner magazine and read the full details of how you can enter in issue 2 of your fav Stoner mag.


 C'mon Stoners get

          your buds out!

Bud Montage

Single Strain Sativa

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