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Stoner Magazine is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only.  All views expressed are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of "Stoner".  Any and all inclusions of individuals or groups in the pages of the magazine does not indicate that said individuals or groups take cannabis, agree with unrestricted use of cannabis or agree with any of the views contained within the magazine.  It is not the intention of the magazine to encourage anyone to break the law; we do however encourage, and provide a forum for, debate into the issues surrounding cannabis.  To this end we attempt to distribute accurate, factual information about the cannabis plant, allowing individuals to make safe, informed decisions, about their chosen lifestyles. 

NB The laws covering the cultivation, possession and use of cannabis vary widely across the world.  We would therefore, strongly advise you to check what the laws are in your country of residence, before exposing yourself to the risk of criminal prosecution.  For example; it is not illegal to grow cannabis in the UK, so long as you have a license issued by the Home Office.  If you cultivate in the UK without the requisite license from the Home Office you are likely to face severe legal penalties under the Criminal law.





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